“Worship is the believers’ response of all that they are—mind, emotions, will, and body—to what God is and says and does.”
–Warren W. Wiersbe

“Worship is the proper response of all moral, sentient beings to God, ascribing all honor and worth to their Creator-God precisely because he is worthy, delightfully so.”
–Robert Shaper

“Worship embraces relationship, attitude, act, life . . . Robert Shaper asserts that worship, like love, is characterized by intuitive simplicity (everybody ‘knows’ what worship is, just as everyone ‘knows’ what love is) and philosophical complexity (the harder you press to unpack love or worship, the more difficult the task).”
–D. A. Carson

“Worship is to feel in the heart . . . it is an attitude and a state of mind. It is a sustained act, subject to varying degrees of intensity and perfection . . . Real worship is, among other things, a feeling about the Lord our God . . . It is in our hearts. And we must be willing to express it in an appropriate manner. If we love the Lord and are led by His Holy Spirit, our worship will always bring a delighted sense of admiring awe and a sincere humility on our part.”
–A. W. Tozer

“Worship does not satisfy our hunger for God . . . it whets our appetite. Our need for God is not taken care of by engaging in worship . . . it deepens. It overflows the hour and permeates the week.”
–Eugene Peterson

“Worship is the continuous outpouring of all that I am, all that I do and all that I can ever become in light of a chosen or choosing god . . . Continuous implies relentlessness . . . outpouring implies lavishness and generosity.”
–Harold M. Best

“Worship is a way of gladly reflecting back to God the radiance of his worth. Now we see that the mirror that catches the rays of his radiance and reflects them back in worship is the joyful heart . . . the chief end of man is to glorify God BY enjoying him forever.”
–John Piper

“We begin with one fundamental fact about worship: at this very moment, and for as long as this world endures, everybody inhabiting it is bowing down and serving something or someone.”
–Harold M. Best

“We worship God purely for the sake of worshiping God.”
–Franklin Segler

“Worship is an end in itself because it is the final end for which we were created.”
–John Piper

“The one priority we shall never fully discharge, the one priority that shall never grow old or become unnecessary, is the worship of the Lord God. We will spend eternity loving Him and worshiping Him and enjoying Him. There is nothing higher.”
–Bruce Leafblad

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  1. Tim Olson says:

    Thanks for your website. I stumbled upon it rather accidentally and am enjoying it.

    I hope to make time to explore it more.


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