Tools for Worship Ministry

Here are some options for worship ministry. I’m familiar with some of these tools and would love to hear your thoughts or critiques.


Websites to assist in planning, organizing, and implementing worship services:

Computer Programs for displaying media in worship services:

Live Worship
Easy Worship
Sunday Plus

Websites with video clips that could be incorporated in worship services:

Bluefish TV
Highway Video
Integrity Media
Midnight Oil
Sermon Spice
Work of the People

2 comments on “Tools for Worship Ministry

  1. Hey Josh, thanks for the mention! I’m am part of the bluefishtv team and we have talked a lot about our passion as a non-profit ministry to offer resources at an affordable price. Its good to know the $1.99 videos have been a support to your ministry. As a way of saying thanks, I also wanted to give you a code for you and any friends to each get a free download. Just enter the code BF199 when you checkout on the website.

    I hope everything continues to go well with the website. What happens to you guys, matters to us so if there is anything we can ever do to help please don’t hesitate to let us know.

    Your partner in ministry- Justin

  2. Angela Manwiller says:

    I checked out those service planning web sites. Interesting. One question I’ve struggled with is – with all this planning and scheduling we do, where do we leave room for the Holy Spirit to work? At our church we are nowhere near using those resources, and yet we “schedule out” the Spirit in our services I’m sure – offering, one hymn, special music (if there is any), two more hymns, message, closing hymn, and we’re outta there. How does one schedule and be prepared, yet leave room for the Spirit to work and not get stuck in the routine? And if you are not the one overseeing the service order, how can you graciously influence that person to get out of the rut? 🙂

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